The Sadaquada was organized October 7, 1895

The Sadaquada Golf Club unofficially began in 1894 when C. Halstead Yates was visiting New Jersey where he saw people playing golf. Enamored of the sport, he brought back to Utica clubs that had names like: brassie, cleek, lofter, mashie and putter, and with a group of friends went to Mrs. Gren’s Boarding House -with its uneven floors- in downtown Utica, where they tried out these clubs. They subsequently proceeded to the Patten Farm on Harts Hill where they gave the game a real try. Their next stop was the “Red House” on Henderson Road which was owned by the Kernan family, but was originally built in 1787 by Hugh White, the founder of Whitestown for his son. There they laid out 4 holes behind the house.

The Club was officially begun the next year, 1895, Walter Kernan was President, with 23 charter members, its purpose being: “the playing, advancement and cultivation of the ancient and royal game of golf”. 5 and then 6 holes were laid out in the back of the House and the group discussed naming their Club the St. Patrick’s Club. They subsequently changed the name to Seddaquaia which was their best attempt at the spelling of the name given to Whitestown by the native Indians.

That same year they hired Horace Rawlins, the 1895 U.S. Open Golf Champion, as greenskeeper. Incidentally he charged $.75 and hour for golf lessons.

In the early 1900’s there was music and dancing every Saturday night at the Sadaquada. Even during the Depression, the lively and fun-spirited atmosphere of the Club prevailed, as seen in the tampered guest registers of that time: Robert Montgomery, of Hollywood, made an appearance, as did Shirley Temple on September 30th. No one knows for sure who the culprit was who penned in these quips, but another entry for the “Apple Sauce Eaters of America” looks remarkably like the handwriting of the long-deceased president and member Francis Brennan.


Halstead Yates, Leslie W. Kernan, Walter N. Kernan, Frederick S. Walcott, Harry S. Patten, Frederick S. Kellog, Nicholas S. Devereux, William S. Doolittle, Samuel P. Campbell, Clifford Marklove, Frederick Gilbert, and Willaim F. Watson.

Early Guests

1896, Rear Admiral Ramsey of Washington DC was the first guest ever to register at the Sadaquada. He was the guest of N. E. Devereux.

8/6/1903 Mr. Grimson, of London England, was the guest of H. P. Crouse.

8/25/1903 Count Otto Koenigmarck of Berlin, Germany was a guest of the Club.

1/2/1907 Attorney General Harry S. Patten notes that he shot a 43 and that there was no snow on the ground, but it was very muddy.